What is the purpose of the Committee?

The Market Incident Management Plan (MIMP) Committee will be established by the Panel in accordance with Schedule 11 of the MAC. The purpose of MIMP Committee is to oversee the governance processes surrounding the Business Continuity Management Framework, as described in CSD 0007 (Business Continuity Management). In addition, the Committee shall delegate its role and functions which relate to the strategic management of an incident to a sub-group, called the Incident Management Group.

What makes up the committee?

The MIMP Committee will consist of 10 Members as such:

  • Samir Rahim – Chair of the MIMP Committee (MOSL)
  • Roland George - Secretary of the MIMP Committee (MOSL)
  • Steve Lyon (MOSL)
  • Rob Curry (MOSL)
  • Graham Pontin (Ofwat)
  • Jessica Morgan – Wholesaler (South West Water)
  • John Spreadbury – Wholesaler (United Utilities Water Limited)
  • Karen Winfield – Wholesaler (Anglian Water Services Ltd)
  • Peter Strain – Unassociated Retailer (Castle Water Limited)
  • Richard Woodhead – Associated Retailer (Three Sixty Water Limited)
  • Simon Brown – Associated Retailer (Water Plus Limited)

How often will it meet?

The MIMP Committee will meet every six (6) months. The dates, agendas, minutes and papers are available in the table below.

What does the MIMP Committee do?

For more information on the MIMP Committee, please refer to its Terms of Reference.

Contact the MIMP Committee

If you would like to contact the MIMP Committee or MIMP Committee Secretary, please email panel.secretariat@mosl.co.uk

Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Papers
Meeting 1 TBC      
Meeting 2 TBC      
Meeting 3 TBC      

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