Panel Nomination Meeting

The Panel Secretary hereby notifies Trading Parties of the following Panel Nomination Meetings:



3.30pm, 9 February 2021

Retailer vacancies from 9 Feb – 31 Mar 2021


During 2021 the Panel will be reviewing its composition as part of its ongoing governance review. To avoid the need for re-elections, the Panel requested Ofwat to extend the current term of office of elected Panel Members (including the 2 Associated Retailers that will be appointed on 9 February 2021) to 30 September 2021. On 2 February 2021, Ofwat approved the request for extension and therefore the Panel nomination meeting due to be held on Monday 1 March 2021 will be cancelled.

Following the approval of  CPM034: Retailer Panel Member Changes, if there are insufficient nominations to fill Associated or Unassociated Retailer Panel Member roles at a Panel Nomination Meeting, then nominations from the other class of Retailer will be also considered. Therefore, whilst the 9 February 2021 meeting is to appoint 2 Associated Retailers, both classes of Retailer are invited to nominate candidates and notify their voting representatives. 

How to nominate a candidate

Each licensee in the affected constituencies is entitled to nominate one candidate. Nominations must be received by following deadlines: 



Nominations close

Online Form

9 February 2021

2 x Retailers

6pm, Tuesday 2 February 2021



Appointment is conditional upon receipt of a confirmation letter from the nominee that they are prepared to stand as a Panel Member and a release letter from their employer recognising their obligations as a Panel Member may override their obligations as an employee.  Nominees are requested to provide these before the Panel Nomination Meeting to avoid delay in appointment.  Please use the templates below for Confirmation and Release letters.

How to vote for candidates

The Panel Nomination Meetings will be held using Microsoft Teams.  Each Trading Party in the affected constituencies is entitled to have one representative vote for their preferred candidates beforehand and participate in the meeting.  Voting forms and meeting details will only be sent to authorised representatives who must be notified to the Panel Secretariat by the following deadlines: 

Panel Nomination Meeting


Notify representatives by

9 February 2021

2 x Associated Retailers

3.30pm on Tuesday 9 February 2021


Templates to notify authorised representatives and further guidance on the Panel Nomination Meetings can be found in Related Documents below.

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