On 5 March 2020, the Market Performance Committee (MPC) requested that MOSL escalate Water Plus’ Initial Performance Resolution Plan (IPRP) to a Performance Resolution Plan (PRP), which will be managed directly by the MPC.

This is the first time since MOSL began issuing IPRPs in September 2018  that a plan has been escalated for management by the MPC.

Water Plus produced one of the first plans requested by MOSL in September 2018, beginning the IPRP process against their performance for the submission of transfer meter readings (Market Performance Standard 16).

Since then, following further requests from MOSL, and further analysis completed by Water Plus, MOSL's Market Performance team has received two further iterations of the plan. 

In December 2019, Water Plus was asked by the MPC to present its plan, on an informal basis, to enable the Committee and MOSL to better understand the challenges the retailer was facing in submitting these meter readings into CMOS. Following on from this meeting and the suggestions made by the Committee for areas of improvement, Water Plus was asked to provide a new plan, working with MOSL to explain how, and to what level, it would be able to improve performance against this standard (MPS 16) over the next six months.

Following a careful view of the latest iteration, the MPC felt that taking into account the previous efforts to improve performance, further detail was required to instill complete confidence in the plan's robustness and ability to deliver performance improvements in line with the plan's key milestones. The MPC, therefore, made the decision to request that MOSL formally escalate the plan to the Committee as a PRP.

Water Plus presented to the MPC again on 1 April 2020, MPC members voted to accept the latest version of the plan. More information on the escalation will be available in May's edition of Market Focus.

For full details of all escalated plans, please visit the Performance Rectification Plans page.

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