11 September 2020

My work experience with MOSL

By Alex Lovett


Alex, our Finance Manager's 17 year old son, is currently studying Business Studies, History and Geography. He joined MOSL for three weeks this summer to undertake some work experience in project management. 

Due to COVID-19, Alex did his work experience remotely from home, shadowing the team virtually. Alex joined our Bilateral Transactions (Bilats) team at a particularly exciting time as we engaged with pathfinder trading parties, kick-started the series of sprints on the prioritised processes and continued to develop the final business case ahead of September’s Board meeting where we will be seeking approval from the MOSL Board. 

We asked Alex to tell us a bit about his 100% virtual work experience.  

“Before my first day at MOSL I was unsure what to really expect and was nervous yet excited. When I joined my first Bilaterals meeting, I was warmly welcomed. I was constantly reassured throughout the day, that it was okay to ask when unsure and that there was no such thing as a stupid question. This significantly helped me learn terminology and the Bilaterals programme where I spent the majority of my first week.

On top of this, everyone in the Planning Team had a one-to-one call with me just running over their jobs and role within the programme. This was very helpful as it allowed me to meet everyone in the team whilst finding out about the programme. During the week I had the opportunity to learn Microsoft (MS) Project – a real highlight for me – I found it really interesting and engaging.

During the second and third weeks I was given a lot more hands on tasks such as reviewing meetings, working on the programme’s long-term plans in MS Project and developing PowerPoint presentations. I like being busy, so it was great to be given so much engaging work.

As everyone was so approachable and friendly, I found it very easy to ask questions and have my work checked. The programme is moving extremely quickly toward a major milestone so it was important to keep in close contact. By this time the work had really captured my imagination and I really enjoyed the constant buzz.

Although this has all been done online due to COVID-19, there have been some real benefits. For instance, I could always get in touch with colleagues even when they were in meetings through the Microsoft Teams messaging system. This meant that I could clarify and confirm that I was doing work correctly and discuss upcoming activities. I never felt idle or like I was on my own. Although meeting in person would have been nice it is not essential, and I believe that COVID-19 has not hindered my work experience at all.

I have really enjoyed my time at MOSL and am very grateful for how I have been supported and developed throughout the three weeks I was here."

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