Last week Ofwat published its Review of Incumbent Support for Effective Markets (RISE) report , the publication of which was postponed from April 2020, and its State of the Market (SoTM) 2019-20 report, which provides an annual assessment of the water retail market and its functioning.

We are pleased to see clear support from Ofwat on the work MOSL has been doing to facilitate improvements in the market through an increased focus on resolving the market frictions still hampering progress. Whilst we are disappointed that these market frictions persist into the market’s fourth year, we will continue to drive for increased focus and collaboration and will use our central position to take an active leadership role to continue with the accelerated pace of improvement witnessed over the past 12 months.

The review of the third year of the business retail water market focuses on the customer landscape, providing an assessment of how customers are engaging with the market through; awareness and engagement, customer outcomes, market evolution and market functioning. Equally, the delivery of improved customer outcomes through better collaboration by all participants in the non-household (NHH) water market is a recurrent theme in RISE.

This response focuses specifically on the elements of the reports which urge, encourage or support MOSL’s contributions to these improvements, outlining the work MOSL is doing to work more effectively with the market to address ongoing concerns. Read MOSL’s full response here.

If you have any questions or comments on MOSL's response to the reports, please email

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