At the end of November 2019, MOSL issued a survey to trading parties to understand how members think we are performing against our 13 core services. Not only does this support MOSL in building a view of trading parties’ experience in interacting with us through our various services, it also supports the commitment outlined in our business plan for making it ‘easier to do business’ in the market.

Under the business plan theme of Service Excellence, we have committed to developing clearly defined and measurable services, which are delivered through a simplified set of channels. This recognises the need for us to refresh how we describe and communicate our full suite of core service with clear Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

As part of this, we are committing to reporting openly and transparently, with a consistent set of metrics being used with our Board, our employees and with our members.

To support greater transparency, and as we communicated to trading parties prior to sending the survey, we are publishing the analysis report of the annual Trading Party Survey. This has been created independently by our service provider, Netigate. We have made sure to anonymise all trading party names and any statements that could be associated to individual wholesalers or retailers.

Publishing the outcomes of this survey is part of our ongoing work to redefine and communicate our services to ensure they are aligned to MOSL’s role and the expectations of our members. We will be issuing an annual Trading Party Survey so we can continue to assess, understand and improve the delivery of our services. We will also continue to include the Net Promoter Score (NPS) measure, which will support the wider set of metrics to measure and report on our performance.

It is envisaged that this survey will evolve as we continue to redefine our services and progress with our wider channel management strategy. We will also publish a plan on how we intend to implement service improvements as part of this strategy and business plan commitment.

The full report can be downloaded here.

If you have any questions regarding the report or the annual survey, please contact

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