MOSL has today published the full consultation responses for its draft Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP) 2020/21. 

The consultation, which was issued to Contract Managers and ran from Tuesday 26 May to Wednesday 3 June, sought trading party feedback on the focus areas of this year's MPOP, to ensure they accurately reflected the views of the market and took account of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We would like to thank those trading parties that took the time to respond to the survey, either by filling out the survey online or sending an email to us directly. The responses consisted of 13 wholesalers and 11 retailers (alongside industry body CCW) and captured views proportionate to the market as a whole. 

Overall, there was strong support for the approach taken to develop this year's MPOP and support for the continuation of the strategic objectives from last year. Respondents felt that the feedback and lessons learnt from last year had been well captured; however, several respondents wanted to see a clearer, more well-defined link to customer outcomes and a greater customer voice when evaluating priorities.  

There was a consensus that the proposed workstreams and activities appropriately address the right level of underlying (i.e. non-COVID-19) market risk; and that the right impact areas related to COVID-19 had been identified with good coverage of risk mitigation. There was, however, a clear message that MPOP should allow for the flexibility to add new workstreams and activities in order to address any new or emerging risks from COVID-19.

From the consultation responses the key themes established include:

- The MPOP should focus on excellent delivery of its workstreams

- Ensure there are specific metrics in place to measure the success of MPOP activities

- The MPOP must interlink with the overall theme to better customer outcomes

- The MPOP will need to be flexible to respond to ongoing COVID-19 challenges

- Ensure that other market improvement activities are enablers for MPOP activity

- Ensure a balance approach to incentives in the MPOP as the market returns to business as usual

We are committed to ensuring the above themes are integrated where appropriate into this year's document, whether it be a consideration through out the delivery of MPOP activities, within the two core workstreams outlined in the consultation document, or as part of the newly-created COVID-19 workstream, which has been formed following the consultation responses to monitor the effects of COVID-19.

 In the final MPOP document, due to be published at the end of this month, it will detail how the scope of the original MPOP has changed to incorporate specific reccommendations and overall feedback from this consultation.

You can download the full set of consultation responses here. Please note that we received a small number of high-level responses via email (all of which were in favour of the workstreams proposed with no additional comments). We have also redacted any attributing answers of the trading parties who have requested for their responses to remain anonymous. 

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