For immediate release 30 June 2020

Today MOSL publishes the third iteration of its Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP), outlining core improvement activities for the year ahead.

The MPOP is designed to complement MOSL’s longer-term strategic work to improve performance in the water retail market. This includes the development of the Market Performance Framework (MPF) Roadmap, facilitating the Strategic Review of Metering (as outlined in our 2020/21 Business Plan) and the delivery of MOSL’s Bilateral Transactions Programme.


Today’s publication follows a market-wide consultation, through which we invited trading parties and industry bodies to give their views on the focus areas of this year’s plan. The consultation focused primarily on addressing the impact of COVID-19 to ensure the focus areas were still appropriate and that risks associated with COVID-19 were incorporated into the plan.

In total we received 25 responses to our consultation. Overall the responses were supportive of our proposed workstreams and outlined a need for an additional workstream specifically to capture COVID-19 risk and transition. This year’s MPOP now focuses on three core workstreams, tackling two crucial areas of concern - high quality customer, premises and customer quality, and timely and accurate consumption data - alongside a COVID-19-dedicated workstream.

The creation of the third workstream includes the introduction of a framework to assess meter reading performance and vacancy levels reported by the market, as well as the publication of guidance to facilitate the removal of the Temporary Vacancy Flag when the market transitions out of COVID-19. We recognise that this new workstream, as well as the MPOP itself, will need to be flexible and adaptable to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the market.

Steve Arthur, MOSL’s Director of Market Performance says:

“This year’s MPOP, and the activities which support it, are testament to the close collaboration we have seen across the market over the past year. I have been galvanized by the collective ambition to address the issues which have been inhibiting progress for too long – moving on from tactical to substantial strategic change.

This plan is the first step towards us achieving our shared ambition to deliver better outcomes for customers and the environment in which they live - a promise made at market opening and one which we must work harder to deliver.

As we continue to develop MOSL’s strategy and the three-year business plan it will inform, we will seek to incorporate these improvement activities and work with our members and various industry groups to improve the market and ultimately deliver value and choice for customers.”



If you have any queries regarding the MPOP or any of the improvement work being led by MOSL, please contact

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