Today MOSL has published its first quarterly report showing progress against its 2020/21 Business Plan commitments.  

This report provides an overview of our progress against the 19 commitments we made as part of our business plan, including the approach we have taken to track, monitor and report against our performance.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to greater transparency and follows the publication of our Annual Report at the end of June.

Key highlights include:

•All the commitments have been categorised under the five themes of MOSL's business plan: Service Excellence, Market Assurance, Market Improvement, Governance and Building Capability (as well as Other)

•All the commitments have been assessed using the OSCAR framework and have project workplans in place 

•We have made good progress on a number of commitments, including 'Easier to engage', 'Service definitions' and 'Dedicated Secretariat'

•All of the 17 commitments initated have been assessed as on track for delivery

•Following review of project workplans, we have combined two Market Assurance commitments into one combined commitment to realise management time and procurement dependencies 

This report will continue to evolve as we continue to strengthen the metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against which we measure our performance. For the next quarter, we will be looking to incorporate the reporting of our KPIs to ensure we adopt an integrated approach to our performance reporting.

We want to make sure that these reports provide the information you want to see and provide overall value to the market. If you have any suggestions of what should be included in the next report or any areas for improvement, please email

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