MOSL publishes its draft three-year business plan seeking feedback from trading parties

On 7 January 2021, MOSL published its draft 2021-24 Business Plan for member consultation. Its publication follows a robust business planning process informed by MOSL’s purpose, vision and strategy which we developed in July 2020 informed by market priorities. This year, we have consulted extensively with the MOSL Board and industry Panel and engaged proactively with our members and key stakeholders during our business planning. We have welcomed the vigorous challenge on MOSL costs and the prioritisation of our proposed improvement programmes, recognising the current economic climate the non-household market faces.

The draft plan also marks MOSL’s move to its first rolling three-year plan to provide greater clarity to members on our priorities, their associated cost trajectory and how trading parties and customers will benefit.

We have built our plan in two parts, both of which continue to focus on making it ‘easier to do business’ in the market:

Core service delivery – 2021/22 

Supporting the delivery of ‘business as usual’ core services, in line with both our code obligations and wider member expectations. Our core service delivery plan is focused on consistent, high quality delivery at an efficient cost. ‍

Improvement programmes – three-year plan to 2023/24 

Our longer-term delivery roadmap sets out how we will advance the market through our strategic priorities, building on and evolving our plan for 2020/21.

Our improvement programmes demonstrate a commitment to move to a longer-term integrated plan through which we can deliver on our strategic priorities – Service Excellence, Data Insight, Market Improvement and Organisational Capability. The activities outlined in each improvement programme have been phased to consider the prioritisation of market needs, to avoid large peaks or upfront costs, and costed at an affordable level. Our proposed budget for 2021/22 totals £11,315k across the two components – core service delivery and our improvement programmes.

On publishing the draft plan, MOSL CEO, Sarah McMath, said: “I am pleased to be presenting MOSL’s first three-year business plan, which is the result of extensive engagement with our members and key stakeholders and a comprehensive examination of market priorities. This plan is an evolution of our 2020/21 Business Plan. Whilst keeping ‘easier to do business’ as the foundation, we have sought to drive efficiencies and challenge our costs at every stage. I encourage all of our members, as well as our stakeholders, to engage in the consultation process to ensure our final plan is reflective of the priorities of the market – balancing the urgency of improvements with affordability for members.”

The consultation will run from 7 January to 22 January 2021. We are seeking member feedback on the cost of Market Operator (MO) charges and the proposed improvement programmes and their phasing. We will be publishing the final plan on 8 February for member voting and will hold a General Meeting on 25 February 2021.

If you have any questions about MOSL’s 2021-24 Business Plan or the consultation, please email


Notes to Editors:

  • MOSL is the Market Operator for the non-household water market in England with obligations set out under the Market Terms and the Market Arrangements Code (MAC)
  • Under the MAC, the MOSL Board must consult with the Panel in respect of the Market Operator Budget and proposed Market Operator (MO) Charges
  • Further details on the Annual Market Operator Budget and Market Operator Charges process can be found in Section 10.2 of the MAC
  • To provide greater transparency and to ensure our business plan is representative of the priorities of our members and the wider market, we have consulted with Panel in advance of publishing the draft plan for member consultation. The Panel response letter is available in the ‘View from Panel Chair’ section of the digital business plan
  • A link to the consultation is available in the final section of the digital business plan titled ‘View our consultation’
  • We will only be seeking member approval on the year one (2021/22) budget. Costs for years two and three are indicative

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