On Friday 22 November, MOSL shared its draft 2020/21 Business Plan with water company members for consultation. As part of our commitment to greater transparency, we are publishing the draft plan prior to the final plan being published on 17 January 2020 for member voting.

This plan has been developed by MOSL following a comprehensive review of our purpose and capabilities and our core activities and committed projects. This year we have taken a different approach to our business planning, which reflects the maturity of the market, and MOSL, as market operator. Supported by two and a half years of market operation, next year’s plan is informed by our experience to date and feedback from our members and key stakeholders. In adopting a more mature approach we have developed a bottom-up, activity-based plan which gives a MOSL-wide view of all activities we have committed to and the resourcing required to deliver them.

Our priority for the year ahead will be to place a relentless focus on ensuring that we ‘get the basics right’. The overarching focus in the 2020/21 Business Plan is on making it ‘easier to do business’ in the market – reducing the indirect cost and frictions associated with operating in the market. This focus is built on five key themes:

Service Excellence: We will place a relentless focus on providing transparent, measurable and value for money core and additional services, supported by improvements in how we engage and interact with trading parties.

Market Assurance: We will use a range of tools to measure, understand and provide evidence based assurance of the performance of the market, including MOSL’s own performance, taking action where necessary to address both individual trading party and overall market issues and risks.

Market Improvement: We will work proactively with trading parties, governance groups, Ofwat and other stakeholders to identify solutions and make improvements that contribute towards a simpler, better functioning market that works in the interests of participants and customers.

Governance: We will provide support and, where appropriate, evidence-based input and challenge to the market governance groups to facilitate and promote an effective and value for money model of governance for the market.

Building Capability: We will continue to build MOSL’s people, data insight and technology capabilities, seeking to foster a culture of learning, collaboration and innovation across the market to help to move the dial in all areas of market operation and improvement.

The consultation period will run from 22 November to 20 December, after which we be reflecting on feedback from the Panel and our members and ensuring it is incorporated into the final plan which will be published on 17 January 2020 for members’ vote on 31 January 2020.

If you have any questions regarding the draft 2020/21 Business Plan or would like more information, please email comms@mosl.co.uk.

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