For immediate release 3 August 2017

MOSL publishes its first CEO Quarterly Market Review

CEO Quarterly Market Review cover

Today Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL) has published its first CEO Quarterly Market Review, following the opening of the non-household retail water market on 1 April 2017.

The CEO Quarterly Market Review reflects on the first three months of the market, including market activity, emerging issues and the changes considered by the industry Code Panel as well as MOSL’s performance and future plans as market operator.

Key highlights from the first quarter include:

  • New entrant retailers have been active in the early stages of the market, gaining over 15,000 supply points during the first three months, representing more than 40% of total switches.
  • More than 36,000 water or wastewater services have switched. This excludes any renegotiations by customers with their existing retailers.
  • Customers of all sizes are taking advantage of the opportunity to switch supplier; from the very smallest to the very largest:
    • 21,000 of the 36,000 (58%) supply points that have switched in the quarter use less than 1,000 litres of water a day.
    • The largest supply points using more than 13,700 litres a day (5 million litres a year) have shown a greater propensity to switch, with 4% of supply points in this segment having switched so far.
  • Customers are showing a preference for having a single retailer for both their water and wastewater services, with 95% of all switches either combining or keeping both services with one retailer.
  • There have been around 35% more sewerage switches than water switches, largely due to previously water-only retailers acquiring the associated sewerage service for the supply point.

The report marks the first time that MOSL has published detailed information about the new market into the public domain. It is also the beginning of more to come.

In addition to its CEO Quarterly Market Review, MOSL has also today published a set of data charts about the market to its website, which will be updated on a monthly basis.

MOSL’s CEO, Chris Scoggins, said: “Today’s publication is a demonstration of MOSL’s commitment to providing timely and relevant information to promote transparency and confidence in the new market.

“While it is early days, we are already seeing some positive developments, with customers of all sizes engaging in the market. That’s great news, but there’s still much to do.

“We at MOSL will continue to work with our  members and other stakeholders to enable a successful retail water market to operate and evolve for the benefit of non-household customers.”


For more information please contact, 07521 536728


Notes to editors

About MOSL

Market Operator Services Ltd (MOSL) is a company owned jointly by all the water companies who trade in the competitive non-household retail water market in England, which opened on 1 April 2017. 

During the preparations to open the new market, MOSL’s primary responsibilities were to design, build and implement the central IT systems at the heart of the new market and to support the finalisation of the market codes by the Interim Code Panel. MOSL also played an important role in supporting water companies to ensure that they were all ready at the same time so that the market could open.

Now that the market is live, MOSL has taken up its responsibilities as market operator, providing the governance, infrastructure and information to enable customers to switch retailer and for settlement to take place between wholesalers and retailers. As the market operator, MOSL’s remit is to enable the market to operate effectively and efficiently, providing a ‘level playing field’ for all companies operating in the market.

 MOSL aims to be a lean and efficient organisation that uses the latest technology to help visualise market data and enable as much ‘self-service’ as possible by its members.

Guidelines on using information provided by MOSL

In parallel to publishing its CEO Quarterly Market Report and market charts, MOSL has published guidelines for commentators interested in citing or sharing any information or data within these publications. These guidelines are available in the ‘documents’ section of the MOSL website or by clicking here.

MOSL ‘Publication of Market Activity and Performance Information’ policy

The information provided in MOSL’s CEO Quarterly Market Review and market charts is provided under the terms set out in MOSL’s ‘Publication of Market Activity and Performance Information’ policy, available in the ‘documents’ section of the MOSL website or by clicking here.


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