For immediate release 21 May 2018

MOSL publishes information about company performance in the business water retail market

Today MOSL has for the first time published information about the performance of retailers and wholesalers operating in the competitive retail market.

The new market information shows how companies are performing against the Market Performance Standards (MPS).

These standards, which form part of the market codes, monitor company performance against a range of indicators essential for the smooth running of the market and the delivery of benefits to customers.

Earlier this year, MOSL supported an important piece of work led by the Code Panel’s Market Performance Committee (MPC) to review the MPS and ensure they drive the desired market outcomes.

Following the review, charging for underperformance by companies against the standards was introduced in April 2018 together with a new suite of performance reporting developed by MOSL to accompany the revised standards.

The MPS performance charts for the month of April are now available in the Market Charts section of the MOSL website.

Key areas for improvement include:

  • The timely provision of new connection information for customer premises by wholesalers
  • The registration of premises into the market by retailers
  • The submission of timely meter read information by retailers and wholesalers.


Commenting on the MPS publication, MOSL CEO Chris Scoggins said: “We have been reporting on wholesaler and retailer performance since the market opened last year, but today is the first time that this information is publicly available, providing an additional reputational incentive for companies to drive forward their performance and share best practice across the industry. Many companies have already taken steps to improve their performance, and we look forward to working with them to support further improvement in the effective and efficient operation of market”.

For more information, please email Jennifer Mackenzie or call 07948 466 705


Note to Editors

Background information on the Market Performance Standards (MPS)

The MPS facilitate the smooth operation of the competitive business water retail market, by allowing retailers and wholesalers to perform their roles in line with system, process, data and service standards.

The MPS monitor the completion of key customer-impacting tasks by retailers and wholesalers in areas such as meter reading, registrations and new connections.

There are 19 standards in total, with 7 corresponding to retailer tasks and 12 for wholesaler tasks. For wholesalers, the standards measure performance on new connections, disconnections and relevant household meter reading. For retailers, the standards measure performance on customer registrations and non-household meter reading.

The MPS charts show the percentage of tasks completed on time within various groupings of standards. A separate peer performance report provides an additional level of detail, showing performance by companies on individual standards.

The MPS charts and peer performance report are available to view on the Market Charts section of the MOSL website.

Moving forwards, MOSL’s monthly Market Charts and the Market Focus newsletter will be published on the ninth business day of each calendar month in line with the MPS reporting schedule. A forward publication calendar is available here.

About MOSL

MOSL is a company owned jointly by all the water companies who trade in the competitive business retail water market in England, which opened on 1 April 2017. 

We provide infrastructure, information and governance services to enable customers to switch retailer and for settlement to take place between wholesalers and retailers.

As market operator, our remit is to enable the market to operate effectively and efficiently and provide a ‘level playing field’ for all companies operating in the market.

During the preparations to open the new market, MOSL’s primary responsibilities were to design, build and implement the central IT systems at the heart of the new market, to support the finalisation of the market codes by the Interim Code Panel, and to support water companies to ensure that the market could open on time.

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