For immediate release 8 May 2019

MOSL publishes its Annual Market Performance Report

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Today MOSL publishes its Annual Market Performance Report, showing publicly for the first time, trading party peer comparison league tables on 2018/19 performance against standards under the Market Performance Framework (MPF).

Our focus over the past year, has been to work with trading parties to drive a programme of work to challenge and highlight areas requiring the most improvement in the market. MOSL’s market improvement activities aim to identify the root causes of key market issues and potential routes to resolution.

The Annual Market Performance Report (AMPR) is designed not only to highlight these areas of work and the root causes of issues, but also to champion the improvements we have seen to-date through collaborative working between parties. This joint working has been an encouraging theme of the last year and needs to continue at an accelerated pace in the year to come.

The biggest issues we are seeing in the market are also those likely to have the greatest impact on customers. At year end, our data showed 15 per cent of meters have not had a meter read submitted into the central system for more than a year, and the number of premises flagged as vacant has risen by over 50 percent through the course of 2018 – equating to almost one in six premises. Coupled with this, we remain concerned about issues of data quality in the market as well as getting the mix of incentives right.

The AMPR acts to close out the end of the financial year and evaluates the success of the MPF in improving market performance, at both a market-level and individual trading party level. It also explores the impact of new activities introduced in 2018/19, including MOSL-led Data Improvement Plans, Initial Performance Rectification Plans and the introduction of charges against Market Performance Standards (MPS).

On publishing the report, MOSL’s Director of Market Performance, Steve Arthur, said: “The AMPR supports MOSL’s commitment to putting in place robust and consistent tools and measures, to ensure the market continues to improve and deliver better outcomes for customers. This report holds trading parties to account and provides clarity and transparency to the market in the areas we are seeing wholesaler and retailer poor performance. It also calls out the benefits being seen from joint working between parties. We are confident that this is part of the step change needed in how we report on trading party performance and publish meaningful and timely data to the market.

"We are working closely with trading parties, the Panel and its committees, Ofwat and other stakeholders to ensure that the market starts seeing the levels of improvement needed to deliver on our commitment to business customers.”

Further to this, the AMPR outlines our updated and targeted approach for the 2019/20 Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP), which will be published later in May.

If you have any queries regarding the AMPR or any of the improvement work being led by MOSL, please contact


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