For immediate release 9am Monday 27 July

Today MOSL published its Strategic Architecture document which defines the direction of the market operator and outlines its newly developed purpose and vision statements, as well as its strategic priorities which will be delivered over the course of the strategy’s three-year lifespan.

The strategy development follows a comprehensive two-month piece of work factoring in internal and external drivers for the organisation and the market it operates. The work has been driven by a commitment made to its members at the end of 2019 to provide greater transparency over its future plans and cost trajectory and to move towards a three-year business plan. The strategy will inform this three-year business planning and the strategic outcomes it aims to achieve.

MOSL’s new purpose ‘Advancing simple and effective water markets to unlock value and choice for customers’ draws a clear line in the sand and puts customers at the heart of its strategy and decision-making. By maintaining true to its role, as facilitating the market from a position of independence and fairness, to support customers realising the benefits of the market and to help everyone get more value for what they pay for.

MOSL CEO, Sarah McMath, said of the work “When I joined MOSL just over a year ago, it was very difficult to get a clear articulation of what our role was as market operator. This process has been a fantastic opportunity to really get into the shoes of our customers – and by customers – I mean in the broadest sense of what our members, their customers, regulators and industry bodies want and expect from the market operator. We then looked at what is important to us, as an organisation, and there were some key words that just kept coming up – about the need to be independent, to harness the market’s collective expertise and to provide insight that can deliver the best customer outcomes.”

In talking about what happens next, she continued “It’s the delivery. I am really proud of the work we have done to develop this strategy, but this is just the start. We now need to really get behind it and work closely with our members and key stakeholders to start delivering against these priorities. Whilst this is MOSL’s strategy, it must resonate with all those we work with – both internally and externally.”

 MOSL’s strategic priorities for 2021-24 are:

  • Service Excellence – Simple and effective services that are easy to access
  • Data Insight – Evidence based decisions, driving value for customers
  • Market Improvement – A successful market that is continually improving
  • Organisational Capability – A high performing team set up to deliver change

You can find out more about the strategic priorities, and MOSL’s purpose and vision in the Strategic Architecture.

For more information on the strategy or if you have any questions please email



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