MOSL today published its 2021-24 Business Plan, following approval from its members at a General Meeting on 25 February.

The business plan sets out MOSL’s priority improvement programmes for 2021/22 and beyond as part of our first rolling, three-year plan – providing our members and the market with greater clarity on our future plans and their associated costs.

In the lead up to today’s General Meeting, MOSL consulted closely with its members and key stakeholders, including the Panel and MOSL Board. Welcomed the broad support we received for the level of MO charges and the focus areas and phasing of our improvement programmes.

Our business plan for 2021-2024 aims to deliver high quality, reliable and consistent core services alongside a longer-term plan that drives the market forward and unlocks value for customers through a number of improvement programmes.

It is a highly cost-conscious plan - recognising the challenging economic environment – with a focus on reducing cost to serve and delivering a well prioritised, phased programme of improvements that will drive benefits and add value.  

Our budget for 2021/22 totals £11,415k across the two components – core service delivery and our improvement programmes. The headline messages for our 2021/22 budget:

  • The costs of our core service delivery is lower due to continued improvements in efficiency
  • The costs of our improvement programmes is higher due to the short-term peak in the Bilateral Transactions Programme costs
  • The overall budget is slightly higher – but the short term increase in the cost of improvement programmes will be funded from our reserves, using savings realised in 2020/21
  • Our Market Operator (MO) charges will reduce by 1.1 per cent, reflecting the improved level of efficiency

Following feedback from our members, and as a result of ongoing business planning activity, in 2021/22 we will introduce a new ‘gated’ investment approval process which will monitor and track benefits. This will cover all work under our improvement programmes, as well as other projects funded as part of our core service delivery, where these projects involve a material level of change, spend or cross-business impact. More information on this new process can be found in ‘Our approach to business planning’.

Following its approval by members, MOSL CEO, Sarah McMath, said:

“This year business planning was undertaken amidst the backdrop of COVID-19, as we collectively rallied to build resilience and secure stability for the non-household market. I recognise this has been a challenging period for all parties operating in the market – which we have been very mindful of when building our first three-year plan.

I also know that during this period, trading parties have had to shift their priorities and manage their resources in response to the pandemic and so I am even more appreciative of the level to which they have engaged with us during the consultation process.

This year, perhaps as a consequence of the pandemic, I have seen trust in the market grow as we have collaborated on addressing the most immediate challenges. Our 2021-24 seeks to continue addressing those immediate ‘pain points’ with a clear focus on the long-term strategic changes that are also required. Our improvement programmes will drive significant improvements to the market, but will require ongoing input and collaboration from trading parties. I look forward to delivering the plan, as we move beyond COVID-19 and look forwards future years.”

If you have any queries regarding MOSL’s 2021-24 Business Plan and budget, please contact


Notes to Editors:

The expenditure will be funded through Market Operator (MO) Charges of £11,075k with the remainder from reserves – making up the total of £11,415k.

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