For immediate release 20 November 2017

Minister officially opens MOSL’s new office

Chris Scoggins, Jim Keohane and Thérèse Coffey at MOSL's office opening

MOSL’s new office at Monument in central London has been opened by Thérèse Coffey, the Minister for water.

The Minister was joined at the opening ceremony by MOSL’s Chair, Jim Keohane, and CEO, Chris Scoggins.

MOSL moved to its new office earlier this month as part of its ongoing commitment to deliver cost-efficiencies to its members, the water companies operating in the non-household retail water market.

The new space will accommodate meetings of the industry code Panel and its sub-groups as well as other industry forums, bringing collaboration opportunities for MOSL, its members and stakeholders.

Minister for water, Thérèse Coffey, said:

“I am delighted to open MOSL’s new office. The team were key to the milestone opening of the market in April, and they continue to support business customers by making sure it operates effectively and efficiently.

“Our successful partnership working with MOSL, Ofwat and water companies enabled us to open the market on time and I welcome MOSL’s continued focus on collaboration and engagement.”

MOSL’s Chair, Jim Keohane, said:

“Our ambition is to enable a competitive retail water market to operate and to evolve for the benefit of non-household customers. Engagement with our members and stakeholders is essential to achieving that, including our close working relationship with Defra and the industry regulator Ofwat, which has been and continues to be very important to the success of the non-household water market.

“Our new office will help place collaboration at the heart of everything we do, as we work to deliver a stable and well-functioning market in terms of systems and service and to facilitate market change that allows the market to develop and evolve”.

MOSL’s CEO, Chris Scoggins, said:

“Cost-efficiency is at the top of our agenda in our Business Plan and budget for next year, which incorporates an 18% reduction in our total membership charge compared to the previous year. Our office move is an important step in our continued drive to deliver value for money to our members.

“However, in a context where we are still bedding in new systems, new processes and new ways of working, we need to ensure that we do not jeopardise the stabilisation of the market in the pursuit of short-term cost efficiencies.

“Stabilisation is the golden thread underpinning our plans for the year ahead, giving us the foundations upon which we can work to evolve the market for the benefit of non-household customers, supported by opportunities provided by digital technologies and innovation as well as close collaboration and coordination with our members and stakeholders.” 

For more information please contact Jennifer Mackenzie or on 07948 466705


Notes to editors

About MOSL

  • MOSL is a company owned jointly by all the water companies who trade in the competitive non-household retail water market in England, which opened on 1 April 2017.
  • During the preparations to open the new market, MOSL’s primary responsibilities were to design, build and implement the central IT systems at the heart of the new market and to support the finalisation of the market codes by the Interim Code Panel. MOSL also played an important role in supporting water companies to ensure that they were all ready at the same time so that the market could open.
  • Now that the market is live, MOSL has taken up its responsibilities as market operator, providing the infrastructure, information and governance services to enable customers to switch retailer and for settlement to take place between wholesalers and retailers. As the market operator, MOSL's remit is to enable the market to operate effectively and efficiently, providing a 'level playing field' for all companies operating in the market.

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