MOSL has published an updated Market Privacy Notice that describes the data processing arrangements of the market and MOSL. Schedule 13 Section C of the Market Arrangements Code (MAC) highlights the requirements of the Market Privacy Notice, including the requirement for trading parties to be consistent with it.
The current Market Privacy Notice is being amended to bring it in line with GDPR. Schedule 13 of the MAC states that MOSL shall notify trading parties of any proposed change to the Market Privacy Notice and give them 10 business days to provide comments. If you have any comments on this document, please send these to the MOSL Data Protection mailbox by Tuesday 15 May 2018.

We would also like to remind trading parties to provide us with contact details for your point of contact for data protection. We are required, under the MAC, to maintain a list of data protection points of contact for all trading parties to ensure we can send out a communication in the event of a data security incident.  

This point of contact is separate to your Contract Manager. However, in absence of you providing a point of contact, we will assume that your Contract Manager will fulfill this role. Typically, this role will be undertaken by a Data Protection Officer if your organisation has one. Please provide your data protection contact details to the MOSL Data Protection mailbox by Tuesday 15 May 2018.

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