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Our approach and plans for driving market improvement.

In this third year of the market, MOSL is committed to accelerating both the pace and impact of planned improvement initiatives.

The Market Performance Operating Plan (MPOP) provides the framework within which this accelerated improvement can be achieved, by focusing on two primary objectives:

• To deliver improved customer outcomes

• To deliver improved trading party performance and accountability.

To achieve these objectives, a series of projects will be delivered through the MPOP across four key areas:


Market Improvement Documents

Document name Published Log-in required to view? Link
Vacancy Extracts Guidance 11 December 2019


Vacancy Issues Group Terms of Reference 29 July 2019


Long Unread Meters Working Group Terms of Reference 22 July 2019


Meter Read Rejections and Asset Data Terms of Reference 22 July 2019


2019/20 Market Performance Operating Plan (overview)  24 May 2019


2019/20 Market Performance Operating Plan (full version)  24 May 2019 Yes  Download
2019/20 MPOP Consultation Responses Summary 24 May 2019 Yes Download
2018/19 Annual Market Performance Report 8 May 2019 No  Download
MPOP Dashboard Guidance Note 27 September 2018 Yes Download


Vacancy working group

What is the purpose of the working group?

The Vacancy working group has been established as part of Programme A of MOSL’s 2019/20 Market Performance Operating Plan to assess the material causes and effects of the rise in vacancy levels since market opening, identify potential routes to resolution and define solutions.


What makes up the committee?

The Vacancy working group consists of:

  • Rob Curry (MOSL)
  • Andrew Welborn (MOSL)
  • Chris Chiorean (MOSL)
  • Julie Carly (MOSL)
  • Sharon Bellwood (Yorkshire Water Business Services)
  • Charlotte Glass (Wave)
  • Max Langford (SES)
  • Michele Marshall (Water-Plus)
  • Verity Memmott (South West)
  • Trevor Nelson (Business Stream)
  • Sean Webster (Thames)
  • Tom Wells (Southern)
  • Karen Winfield (Anglian).


How often will it meet?

The Vacancy working group will meet on an ad-hoc basis, relevant to the activity required to progress key deliverables within the Vacancy workstream.


What does the Vacancy working group do?

The purpose of the working group is to provide insight, guidance and to lead (where appropriate) on specific activities.

The objectives of the working group are to:

  • Identify and resolve legacy data issues resulting in inaccurate premise occupancy status;
  • Determine specific areas of challenge and advise on the key measures and metrics to be tracked against on an ongoing basis;
  • Define an effective incentive structure for managing vacancy accurately;
  • Assess potential for introduction of data improvement plans or APIs to target resolution of specific issues associated with vacancy;
  • Identify potential code changes to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the vacancy process (this may include, for example, changes to the existing challenge process; changes to the existing performance incentives for managing vacancy (e.g. MPS); development of a new, standardised vacancy incentive scheme).


Contact the MIMP Committee

If you would like to contact the Vacancy working group or MPOP Programme team, please email

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