A Gap Site is a premises which is receiving water or sewerage services, but to which there are no or insufficient Supply Points registered. When a wholesaler creates a new Supply Point to supply the Gap Site, without an assigned retailer, CMOS will automatically allocate a retailer to the Supply Point, at random, from the ‘Direction to Supply Retailer list’ for that particular area.

To set up a gap site agreement, navigate to the Administration tab in CMOS. Select Participant Management > Create Agreement. Set the Agreement Type as Gap Site Opt In, and enter the primary organisation (retailer organisation name) and the secondary organisation (wholesaler organisation name). You will only be able to select wholesalers with whom you have a wholesale contract in place. Please note the Status and dates will be set automatically for the next year. To confirm the agreement set up, press submit.

The table below outlines the key differences between Gap Site Allocation, Direction to Supply and Interim Supply Allocation.

The process for requesting a Gap Site is the same as for registering a new supply point. The wholesaler submits the same T101.W on CMOS, except this time the connection type should be 'Gap Site'. It is optional for a wholesaler to provide the Retailer ID when requesting the Supply Point ID for the Gap Site. If the retailer has not been identified by the wholesaler when requesting a new SPID, a relevant retailer will be allocated from the list of 'Opted In' retailers for Gap Site Allocation.

If the retailer identifies or suspects there to be a Gap Site, they should notify the wholesaler by submitting a C/02 Form to the wholesaler. The wholesaler will then investigate and update the Supply Point Register as necessary, assigning this Gap Site to the retailer in the subsequent T101.W

To be eligible to receive Gap Sites for a particular wholesaler area, you must be an Opted In Retailer. To do this, you need to have submitted a request on Kissflow and set up a Gap Site Agreement on CMOS. This needs to be accepted by MOSL before you can be allocated any Gap Sites. Retailers should ensure they have an appropriate Wholesale-Retail Contract in place for the service(s) they wish to opt in for, which is valid for the remainder of the current year. Retailers should also be aware that:

• Retailers must opt in to the wholesale area in which they are an Acquiring Licensee under a retail exit

• Retail arms of incumbents, which are not undertaking retail exit must opt in to their own wholesale area

• No retailer other than the retail arm of an incumbent may opt in to a wholesale area which is not subject to exit.

Gap Site Agreements are effective for a single annual period (April – March). MOSL will issue an advanced notice each year, allowing Trading Parties to opt in prior to the start of that year.

If you missed the deadline, you will be unable to opt in until after 1 April. Any requests received between the annual deadline date and 1 April will be rejected. However, it is possible to opt in during the year. If you submit your request after market open (1 April) it will be accepted and you will be included on the list of 'Opted In retailers' and, therefore, eligible to receive Gap Sites.

If you are an Opted In Retailer, you can choose to opt out at any point.To do this, you must submit a request through Kissflow in order to notify both MOSL and Ofwat.The Kissflow submission will contain:

• The Area(s) for which the 'Opted In' status needs to be amended;

• The services (water or sewerage) from which you wish to be opted out

Once the submission has been received by Ofwat and MOSL, Ofwat must approve the 'Opt Out' request before MOSL can amend your status, so that you are opted out for all future Gap Site allocations.

In exceptional cases, yes, this may be possible.To do this, the Acquiring Licensee needs to submit a request through Kissflow in order to notify both Ofwat and MOSL. The Kissflow submission will contain:

• A question to identify your status as an Acquiring Licensee;

• Whether you wish to be removed from the list of Opted In Retailers by area, in relation to either Water Services, Sewerage Services or both;

• Whether you wish to be removed from the list of Opted In Retailers by area, for all areas or specific areas only; and

• The reason(s) why you are requesting removal from the list of Opted In Retailers.

Additional supporting evidence also needs to be provided to Ofwat in order for them to assess your request.

In the event of retailer insolvency occurring, as described in Section 11.3 of the Business Terms, the wholesaler will need to change the Wholesale Contract Agreement status for that retailer to ‘NOMORESPID’. In the event this happens, the wholesaler must also notify the MOSL CEO immediately.

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