This page lists open consultations on changes to the market codes. To view or respond to a consultation please click on the consultation link(s) below. Responses should be submitted by 6pm on the response deadline. If you have any queries on a consultation please contact

Title Summary Issued Response Deadline Consultation Link
Shortening the late payment default timeline for a credit support reduction

CPW117: The lengthy timeline currently in the market codes for defaults is, in the view of the proposer, adding unnecessarily to the burden of high working capital requirements. This change seeks to reduce the number of days required within the late payment default and termination process by 10 Business Days (14 calendar days) in exchange for the same number of days being released from the Credit Support Amount due.

20 April 2021 12 May 2021 Link
Sharing Non-Household Emergency Contact Details

CPW110 & CPM041 seeks to introduce provisions into the market codes for the retention and maintenance of customer contact information within the Central Systems (CMOS), for use in unplanned events and incidents.

28 April 2021 20 May 2021 Link

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