Non Code Change Requests

Non Code Reference  Proposer  Title CMOS Impact  Status Implementation date  Summary  Download Documents 
20 United Utilities Water Limited Service component history display in CMOS Y Review  

The proposal seeks to expand the information displayed in the service component history tab to include the applicable data items related to the component.
The proposal requests that data items for the following transactions to be included within the service component history tab:
T144 – Submit Unmeasured Service Component Data
T145 – Submit Assessed Service Component Data
T147 – Submit Metered Service Component Data
T158 – Submit Highway Drainage Service Component Data
T159 – Submit Surface Water Service Component Data

As per the examples above the preference would be for CMOS to only display component data related to the tariff in the same way this is done within the service components data tab.

19 United Utilities Water Limited SPID status to be displayed on premises screen Y Review   We would like to add visibility of the SPID status to the premises tab of a SPID. Download
18 United Utilities Water Limited Postcode search on search market information screen Y Rejected   We would like to improve the postcode search functionality when using a postcode search via the search market information screen Download
17 MOSL Meter DPID Association History Y Review  CMOS 10.0  The proposed change is to display all Meter / DPID associations that have ever been active at the Supply Point. For the avoidance of doubt, this means that if a Meter / DPID association was active for a specific period, ended and then re-activated for a further period then it should be expected to see two records for that Meter / DPID association with different line items. Download
16 MOSL Same Day Meter Readings Y Review  CMOS 10.0  The proposed solution is to modify the existing meter readings screen to show all meter readings (included retired ones). The heading of the column currently stating “Removed” will be changed to “Retired” and it will display “Y” if Retired or “N” if Active. Download
15 MOSL CMOS API Gateway N Review  TBC The primary purpose for the APIs to be exposed through this mechanism is to allow MOSL to extend their MO Portal interface to Market Participants to create a near real-time, synchronous interaction. This will include the exposure of the CMOS messaging service to submit the individual transactions (.W and .R, standard “T” and “TCORR”). Download
14 MOSL TE Tariff display Y Completed CMOS 8.5  Changes to the way TE tariff is displayed on LVI Download
13 United Utilities Water Ltd SPID Status Display for Search Results Y Completed CMOS 8.5  This change seeks to add 'SPID Status' to the SPID search results screen Download
12 MOSL SPID Registration Changes Report N Completed  March 2020 This change seeks to add a new report showing SPID registration changes in chronological order Download
11 MOSL Vacancy/Occupancy Status History Report N Completed  March 2020  This change seeks to add a new report showing changes in Vacancy/Occupancy status for a specific SPID Download
10 MOSL OPS Statistics upload and reporting N Completed 1.2  This change seeks to add OPS metrics to be uploaded to the portal and reported on Download
9 Business Stream Registration history Y Open  CMOS 8.0  This change seeks to add a 'Registration History' table in Supply Point Core Data screen to allow identification of previous owners Download
8 Portsmouth Water MVI Peek and Dequeue extract improvements N Completed  2018  The proposed Change would provide the MVI information in the required format at source, allowing the Wholesale Service Desk to action it without the need to export the data. Download
7 MOSL BTD to show only specific transaction Y Open  CMOS 8.0  This change seeks to display only the XML relevant to the selected transaction. Download
6 Portsmouth Water Market Operator Portal: Segregation of Notifications by environment  N Completed  March 2019  This change seeks to address the mixing of Production and Test MVI transactions, which is detrimental to both business and testing personnel, by means of a drop-down environment selector Download
5 Scottish Water Business Stream Ltd Effective dates of service components Y Completed CMOS 7.0  This change seeks to add an ‘Effective to Date’ under the Service Component menu on the Low Volume Interface to show the dates services were switched off. Download
4 MOSL Occupancy Status Effective from Date Y Completed  CMOS 7.0  This change seeks to add the Effective From Date to the Right of the description of Occupied Premises / Vacant Premises Download
3 MOSL Deregistration Effective From Date Y Completed  CMOS 7.0  This change seeks to add the Effective From Date of the Deregistration to the right of the code. Download
2 MOSL DPID History - Terminated Calculated Discharges Y Completed Release 5.0  This change seeks to provide a view of the 'effective to date' and 'effective from date' of terminated calculated discharges. Download
1 MOSL DPID History - Terminated DPIDs Y Completed Release 5.0  This change seeks to provide a historic view of DPIDs in the Portal , so its easily distinguishable from a glance whether a DPID has been terminated or is active. Download



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