Panel Elections

The Panel Secretary hereby notifies Trading Parties that a Panel Nomination Meeting will be held at 3pm on Wednesday 9th June 2021 to appoint a Wholesaler Panel Member.

A vacancy for a Wholesaler Panel Member has arisen following an existing member announcing their intention to resign from the Panel after the May meeting.  The Panel Nomination Meeting on 9 June will appoint a replacement, whose term of office will extend to 30 September 2021 in line with the extension to the term of office of other Panel members granted by Ofwat on 2 February 2021.  During this period the Panel are expecting to consider changes in Panel composition and code principles as part of the ongoing Panel Effectiveness Review and therefore it is important that Wholesalers are fully represented.  Any changes to Panel compositon will lead to alternative arrangements for appointing the Panel which will be put in place by September.

How to nominate a candidate

Each Wholesaler is entitled to nominate a candidate.  Nominations must be received by 6pm Wednesday 2nd June 2021 using the online form.  Appointment as a Panel member is conditional upon receipt of a confirmation letter from the nominee that they are prepared to stand as a Panel member and a release letter from their employer recognising their obligations as a Panel member may override their obligations as an employee.  Candidates are advised to submit these letters before the Panel Nomination Meeting so that appointment of the successful candidate can take effect immediate.  Please use the templates below for confirmation and release letters.

How to vote for candidates

The Panel Nomination meeting will be held using Microsoft Teams and each Wholesalers is entitled have one authorised representative attend and vote at the meeting. Voting papers will only be circulated to authorised representatives so an authorised signatory of each Wholesaler should notify whether they will participate in the Panel Nomination Meeting themselves or if they authorise someone else to represent them.  Authorised signatories should complete one of the templates below and send to the Panel Secretary as soon as possible and in any case by 3pm on Monday 7 June 2021.

Further guidance can be found below.

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