Code of conduct

As MOSL provides a case management service for all dispute types, it recognises the value of having a code of conduct in place. The following code of conduct governs MOSL’s role as case manager for all disputes. MOSL will:

  • Act in a way which does not show undue preference to any party or place any disputing party at an advantage or disadvantage;
  • Ensure information is provided equally to all disputing parties as required;
  • Produce a paper for the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) on all trading disputes, and provide a similar report to the academy of experts if required for Market Operator (MO) disputes to assist decision makers by providing clarity;
  • Restrict the sharing of information related to specific disputes to those working in the case management function;
  • Promote transparency by publishing summary details of all disputes including the disputing parties, and;
  • Review disputes following resolution to identify potential improvements and learnings.


Further to the above, when dealing with MO disputes or Market Arrangement Codes (MAC) disputes in which MOSL is also a disputing party, MOSL will:

  • Separate the governance and activities of case management and those involved in the dispute;
  • Attend all meetings related to the dispute in separate capacities as case manager and disputing party, and;
  • Employ formal communication channels between case managers and dispute representatives on all matters pertaining to the dispute to encourage impartiality and transparency.

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