When a customer is aware they will be discharging sewerage (which meets the criteria set out in Section 141 (1) of the Water Industry Act 1991) into a new or existing sewerage point in a the relevant wholesaler's network.

In this instance, a customer must notify either the wholesaler or a chosen retailer for them to register a new connection.

Customer Touchpoint

Customers who require a trade effluent discharge point need to engage with water companies to agree consent levels and then ensure compliance with statutory requirements. This may require inspections and physical works to the site.

Trade effluent presents a more complex tariff than other sewerage services. Samples of trade effluent need to be taken. The results are then provided to retailers for billing purposes and to customers, to ensure that they are compliant with their consent.

Obligations under the codes

Wholesalers and retailers are both responsible for the commencement, modification, discontinuation, reactivation and termination of trade effluent services. The processes which describe how these activities are undertaken are detailed in CSD 0206 (Trade effluent process), and Part G of the Operational Terms.

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