Incoming and outgoing retailers cancel a switch within the cancellation window.This window is five business days from the date of the transfer request being submitted.

An incoming retailer can cancel the process of customer switching during this window if they realise that the wrong supply point has been selected and is in the process of being transferred, or if they hold an invalid contract.

The outgoing retailer may also cancel the switch if the customer has an outstanding debt, the contract remains binding, or if the outgoing retailer holds a self-supply licence.

Customer touchpoint

Depends on the reason for the cancellation, i.e. the customer has been switched in error, or the switch is being blocked due to debt or contractual reasons. Under these circumstances, the customer will be contacted by the relevant retailer(s).

Obligations under the codes

Retailers are responsible for ensuring they have valid contracts in place and are transferring the correct SPID numbers. For more information on cancelling a customer switch during the cancellation window, the process is described in detail in Section 2 of CSD 0103 (Registration: cancellations and erroneous transfers).

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