Settlement is run every month by MOSL, as per the settlement timetable, to calculate how much each retailer owes a wholesaler for that invoice period.

Settlement can also be calculated through Unplanned Settlement Run calculations if the individual wholesaler and retailer agree, or following the resolution of a dispute. Unplanned Settlement Runs can be issued to address problems with Planned Settlement Runs such as significant errors in data.

Please see the MOSL Calendar to view upcoming settlement invoice report dates.


Obligations under the codes

The timetable for settlement, the process by which MOSL runs settlement and how it produces settlement reports, is set out in more detail in CSD 0201 (Settlement timetable and reporting)

CSD 0207 (Charge calculation, allocation and aggregation) describes how MOSL, through CMOS, calculates charges using wholesaler tariffs and supply point data.

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