New registrations can be initiated by a customer by either contacting a wholesaler directly or contacting a retailer requesting a new connection to a wholesaler’s network. New registrations are triggered by either the construction of a new premises or by a need for building water to be supplied to the site. Other reasons may include a change of use of a premises, i.e. splitting a premises into two, converting household premises into non-household or registering a gap site (a premises that is eligible for the market, but not yet registered).

A wholesaler is then responsible for initiating the registration of the new supply point in CMOS, as set out in Section 4.4 of the the Market Terms. The retailer will also have to supply information to CMOS in order to make the SPID tradeable. When all the necessary data has been uploaded into CMOS, the customer is then eligible to switch supplier.

Customer touchpoint

A customer could be requesting a change to a premises that requires a new supply point, for example, splitting the premises or constructing new premises. Alternatively, the premises may have been identified as a gap site.

If this is the case, information is needed from the customer about the premises, as required by the codes, and may result in physical work being done to connect the water and sewerage services.  

Click for more information on Gap Sites.

Obligations under the codes

If the customer has chosen a retailer prior to the supply point being registered, then the allocated retailer can request to be registered as the 'retailer of choice' to the newly connected supply point. The relevant form for this request is A/05: 'Application to be registered as a retailer to a newly connected supply point for water and/or sewerage'.

Both the wholesaler and retailer are responsible for updating CMOS, in a timely manner, with key information on the supply point. The process by which a supply point is registered in the market is detailed in CSD 0101 (Registration: new supply points)

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