When a series of meters are interdependent and deducting volumes, one (or more) is required to accurately record consumption to an eligible premises. A meter network needs to be set up in CMOS and is made up of one main meter and one or more sub meters. In this instance the volumes from the sub meters are subtracted from the volumes of the main meter.

Within a meter network, all meters must already exist in separate SPIDs in CMOS before they can be updated, unless they are non-market meters or private water meters.

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Customer touchpoint

Meter networks are important for ensuring that customer bills are based on consumption volumes. If there is a change at the premises, such as partial conversion of the premises to a household site, then a non-market meter, as part of a meter network, would also be necessary.

Obligations under the market codes

Wholesalers are responsible for updating the market operator of any changes to the meter network data. The process by which a meter network is added or removed is detailed in Section 18: 'Add/remove meter network' of CSD 0104 (Maintain SPID data).

Retailers can request a meter read for a non-market meter that is a sub meter in a meter network. This is described in Process B11 of the Operational Terms. The relevant form for this request is B/03: 'Request for Non-Market Meter Read to be carried out by the wholesaler'.

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