The deregistration of a supply point happens when a premises has a record in CMOS that should not exist or is no longer valid.  This deregistration may or may not require physical disconnection activity. 

When an eligible premises has changed use, i.e. it has been converted into a domestic premises, the supply point will need to have an end date on it to reflect it is no longer in the market. If the premises was registered in error, i.e. it is a household customer that should not have been entered on CMOS, the supply point will need to be 'erased' from CMOS.

If there is no longer a supply point at the premises, i.e. a permanent physical disconnection has already taken place, it will also need to be updated in CMOS. These updates are reflected by the wholesaler deregistering the supply point due to the different reasons above.

Customer touchpoint

The deregistration of a supply point may be a consequence of physical activity that has occurred at a customer’s premises. Deregistration aims to align CMOS's records with the actuality of the supply point. Any misalignment may result in bills continuing to be sent to the premises after a disconnection, duplicated bills, or the possibility of a retailer continuing to serve a premises that has been converted to domestic premises.

Obligations under the code

Wholesalers are responsible for deregistering the supply point and need to take the final read. The processes for deregistering supply points are detailed in Process C5 and C6 of the Operational Terms and to update CMOS refer to CSD 0104 (Maintain SPID data) and CSD 0105 (Error rectification and retrospective amendments).

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