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MOSL Customer Journeys map out touch points in a customer life-cycle - from a new connection to a de-registration and provide key information on CMOS, the market codes, FAQs and related events.

Meter Reads

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I want to submit an initial, transfer, final or cyclical meter read.

New Premises

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I am connecting a water and/or sewerage connection or want to learn about developer services/building water.


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I am installing, exchanging, removing or testing a meter and want to know more about non-market and network meters.

Customers and Billing

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I want to update information in CMOS such as occupancy, customer, use of the premises or service component.


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I want to know more about settlement charges and timetables


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A customer wants to switch retailer, what do I need to know?


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I am deregistering a water and/or sewerage connection.

Wholesale Services

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I want to know more about trade effluent, leakages or drinking water incidents.

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