This section explains the various groups through which MOSL engages with its members. For terms of reference of the advisory groups including membership, please click here

MOSL engages with its members regarding the Bilateral Transactions Programme through four advisory groups. It also provides regular updates via other forums, including the Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG) and User Forum (see below).

The MOSL team shares and iterates high-level designs and principles with the four working groups in the first instance, before moving into more detailed discussions. Working with a sub-set of market participants initially to get their input and feedback on ideas and proposed solutions allows more detailed discussions and faster turnaround than would be possible with some of our larger groups (e.g. the ORWG). The output is then be shared across all market participants for their input, either ‘for information’ or a more formal feedback where the bilateral hub may fundamentally change a market process.

MOSL is keen to ensure that the advisory groups are as representative of the market as possible. We recognise that this is not always the case for all groups. This has been principally due to resource limitations, typically among some of the smaller trading parties in the market, although the increased use of videoconferencing during the Covid-19 pandemic is helping in this respect.

We would like to remind participants that would like to engage more closely with MOSL but are unable to do so that the groups are purely advisory bodies. In the event of an imbalance in industry representation that is considered to be an issue, MOSL will encourage other members’ participation on the group and/or get input from any under-represented sector(s) on an informal or ad-hoc basis, prior to sharing proposals more widely.

For more information, or to discuss joining one of the groups below, please email the relevant contact below. To receive notifications of meetings and meeting outputs, even if you do not attend a particular meeting, please subscribe to the appropriate mailing group(s). Please remember to check and update your preferences regularly to ensure you are receiving all the information you need.

Bilateral Transactions Programme advisory groups and other forums

Frequency Format Members Purpose Chair Contact
Click here for advisory group terms of reference, membership, etc            
Operational Advisory Group (OAG) Twice monthly
(1st & 3rd Thursdays)
Teams 8

Subject matter experts who engage with MOSL to test assumptions around operational-related changes to the bilateral programme. Advisory input to the Codes Advisory Group (CAG).

MOSL Evan Joanette

Code Advisory Group (CAG)

Convenes when code changes are proposed Teams 6

The Code Advisory Group will review any code changes relating to the Bilaterals Programme.

 MOSL Evan Joanette
Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Every 2 months Teams 15 New group. The TAG helps advise and inform MOSL’s digital and data strategy and to understand the practical ‘real world’ implications of its proposals on market participants’ technology roadmaps. The first priority for the TAG will be to feed back on MOSL’s proposals for a technical solution to the Bilaterals Programme.  MOSL John Davies
Pathfinder Group Monthly: 1st and 3rd Thursdays  Teams 8 Members of the Pathfinder Group work with MOSL to test and pilot each release of new features of the bilateral transactions hub and provide feedback to support and guide the successful delivery of key objectives.  MOSL Miles Robinson 

Other groups

Retailer Wholesaler Group (RWG)
Sub-groups, each with own Chair, include: Bilaterals; Governance; Eligibility; Policies; Vacancies; Unplanned Activities; Planned Activities; Retail Measure of Experience (R-Mex); Meter Reading Standards; Meter Location Standards; Water Efficiency & Complaints.

Twice yearly

Sub-groups usually meet monthly
Teams c70 The WRG meets to tackle the big market operational issues and make changes/share good practice to improve overall customer service in the market.  Members Member-chaired
User Forum

Bi-monthly (click here for details)

Alternates with ORWG.

 Teams Varies (open to all)

The User Forum is open to all Trading Parties and meets to identify, resolve and document market risk, challenge or required action. It provides a collaborative environment in which the risks, challenges and strategic operations for Trading Parties can be identified and constructively progressed. As such, the User Forum will include regular updates regarding the bilateral transactions programme.

 MOSL Markus Lloyd
Operations & Release Working Group (ORWG)


Alternates with User Forum. 

Teams  c40

Main working-level technical meeting comprising members of the Programme Group to engage with market participants to review process or data quality issues that affect market operation. Provides detailed technical updates to IT Subject Matter Experts to ensure Trading Party IT Technical delivery plans are aligned with MOSL Release Plans. No decision making authority unless specifically asked to do so.

 MOSL Ricardo Wissmann-Alves

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