If you are new to the water retail market, or simply want to find out more about it and our role as market operator, MOSL's market training will provide you with an overview of the market, the role of key stakeholders and more information about how the market functions, its governance and some of the key services we provide.

This training is updated annually*. Next update: June 2021

*Whilst we endevour to provide regular updates to the training modules, the market is continuing changing and evolving. Please find a list of the latest changes that will be reflected in the next update: 

1. Under the terms set out in CPM026: 'Panel Chair and Alternate', there is no obligation for the Panel Chair to also be the Chair of the MOSL Board.

2. Under the terms set out in CPW068/PM017: 'Market Incident Management Plan (MIMP) Committee Revisions', the MIMP Committee  has been disbanded with obligations transferred to the Market Operator (MOSL).

3. An amendment to the Trade Disputes Committee (TDC),  'CPM029: Unified Disputes Process and Committee' is currently awaiting authority decision. This change seeks to consolidate the dispute resolution process and expand the remit of the TDC to encompass this new process. 

4. Under the terms set out in CPM022: 'Reducing Panel quorum'  the retailer quorum for Panel meetings has been reduced to three retailers (either associated or unassociated), effective until 31 March 2021.

5. As of April 2020, the Trade Effluent Issues Committee (TEIC) has been disbanded. 

6. As of December 2020, the Credit Committee has been disbanded.

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