As part of MOSL’s 2020/21 Business Plan, we committed to review and update MOSL’s services and provide greater clarity on how we measure and report against them.

MOSL’s services are grouped into the core areas of the Market Services Framework. These services have been developed based on the existing set of services building on MOSL’s obligations as market operator. With four years of experience operating the market, these have been revised to better reflect the role we play in the market and the services we provide to our members and wider stakeholders. They also take account of our role in building resilience in the wider water sector, as part of our purpose, vision and strategy..

The four core service areas are Market Operation, Market Assurance, Market Improvement and Governance and Support Services. A short description of each service is below.

Market Operation

Registration, switching and financial management -We enable switching to take place in the central system (CMOS), provide registration services within the non-household (NHH) water market and financial settlement data to enable trading parties to invoice appropriately.

Market systemsWe provide, develop and maintain central market systems including CMOS, the Low, Medium and High-Volume Interfaces and others.

Dispute managementWe provide a platform and support services for raising and case-handling disputes in the NHH water market.


Market Assurance

Entry, exit and reassuranceWe provide management and support services for trading parties entering and exiting the NHH water market, as well as undergoing market reassurance.

Performance and riskWe track and report on trading party performance to ensure better outcomes for business customers and mitigate the risks of operating within the water market.

Compliance and auditWe provide independent evidence to assure MOSL and trading party compliance with the market codes.


Market Improvement

Change deliveryWe provide change assessment and implementation services to enable the market to evolve for the benefit of customers.

Market insightWe use data analytics, engagement with stakeholders and broader market intelligence gathering to provide actionable insight into the operation of the market.

Strategic market developmentWe use our position at the centre of the market to drive strategic improvements in the market for the benefit of business customers.


Governance and Support Services

SecretariatWe provide expert secretariat support to the market to enable industry self-governance.

Maintenance and development of the market codesWe publish and maintain the market code document set to provide open access to the current market rules and ensure clarity over their evolution.

Market continuity, training and guidanceWe provide training and guidance materials to support trading parties in delivering market processes. We also provide market continuity arrangements to ensure the market continues to function in the event of a significant disruption event.


We are committed to publishing our performance against these services on a quarterly basis and will present them openly and transparently.

Whilst most of our services can be tracked through quantitative key performance indicators, some strategic market improvement services, for example, market insight and strategic market development, will be reliant on more qualitative feedback from the market. For these services will seek opportunities for trading parties to feedback on these value-add services to provide assurance that we are making improvements in these areas. Activities within these services will be driven through MOSL’s improvement programmes, such as Strategic Metering Review, Data Insight and the Bilateral Transactions Programme.

Read our Annual Reports and Financial Statements here.

In Q2 of 2020/21 we changed the format of our Key Performance Indicator Report. Read our Q2 and Q3 Reports here. Q4 Report will be published in April 2021.

Our Quarterly Reports can be found below.

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